Traditional Usui Reiki Healing Sessions

Traditional Usui Reiki Healing Sessions

Are you stuck in negative limiting patterns in life and want to change?

Do you feel out of balance and unenergetic and want to feel revitalised?

Like most people, you are probably rushed off your feet and have a hectic lifestyle.  For example working long hours, running a busy household and running after the kids.  But what does all this achieve?  It causes stress and anxiety and a feeling of being out of balance.  No doubt your energy is low and you get sick often.  Also you feel disconnected from Source and have lost meaning in your life.

How do you find meaning in life again and a fulfilling future? Traditional Usui Reiki balances the body in every respect bringing harmony to all parts of Self.  Firstly, the healing that Usui Reiki can bring can help with emotional healing.  The emotions and thoughts are the source of physical illness, so healing the emotions can have a benefit both at an emotional level as well as the physical level.

Next, Reiki can harmonise the worldly self with higher levels of consciousness bringing with it a new Wisdom.  Access parts of yourself that you didn’t know existed with new clarity and sense of purpose.  Also, re-establish a connection with your Angels and Spirit guides that you temporarily lost from being lost in the material world.

Traditional Usui Reiki is perfect for you if:

  • You feel out of balance
  • You get sick frequently
  • You don’t know your life’s purpose
  • You want to reconnect with your Angels and Spirit Guides
  • You’re constantly tired
  • You’ve had a bad relationship in the past which is still effecting you
  • Life has disappointed you
  • You feel disconnected with your Spirituality


Three Keys of Traditional Usui Reiki

Deep Relaxation

Experience deep relaxation from outside to in that will leave you feeling rested, relaxed and able to tackle life’s problems again.  Once the body is fully relaxed this is when the healing can begin.



Full Body Healing

Heal at all levels – physical, mental, emotional and Spiritual.  When all aspects of your Self are in harmony again. this is when you stop being tired or sick and can live life with purpose.




Stress Relief

De-stress and detox the negative emotions out of your body so that you can increase your resilience to handle a busy life again.

What does Traditional Usui Reiki Help with?


Traditional Usui Reiki helps on many levels.  These can include:

Negative emotions – Dispel and detox negative emotions so that you can feel renewed and can have a new lease on life.  Negative emotions and negative thought can lead to physical illness and healing the emotions may help with this.

Reduce Stress – Reiki promotes relaxation and reduces stress so that you can deal with life’s problems.

Limiting Beliefs – Find unlimited potential when negative limiting beliefs are finally removed.  Establish new ones with new Wisdom received when the Self and Higher Self reunites.

Connect with Angels & Spirit Guides – Reconnect with your Angels and Spirit Guides once your negative emotions and limiting beliefs have been dispelled.  You can receive Wisdom from them to create a new Destiny.

Return to the Source – Find inspiration and Wisdom within when you return yourself to the Source.  Grow spiritually and find new meaning in life as well as happiness and fulfilment.

Balance the Chakras – Balance and recharge the Chakras for overall health.  When the Chakras are in balance the body is finally functioning optimally which helps you to guard against illness.

Cleanse the Aura – Dispel negative energy from the Aura.  Remove negative psychic thought forms that lurk in the aura for overall good health.

Closure to Past Lives – Past lives can have an effect on us even in the present state.  Have closure to problems from the past that lead us to being trapped in negative limiting beliefs.  Be free and have unlimited potential once these limiting beliefs have been dispelled.


Reiki can affect you even if

  • It’s been a long time since you weren’t stressed.
  • You don’t think that you can relax
  • You’ve lost your path in life
  • You’ve never been able to get control of your emotions

Traditional Usui Reiki Session Packages


Find harmony in life and know your purpose in life with a 3 session Traditional Usui Reiki Package.

Over three sessions you will benefit from healing at all levels – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

  • Balance Chakras – Learn how to find harmony within the body when the Chakras are balanced so that you are sick less often
  • Balance mental – Learn how to still the mind and become more positive in life.  See how positivity can influence every aspect of your life
  • Balance emotional – Learn how to find calm and peace of mind when your emotional state is in control.

It’s never too late to find balance in your life.  With a renewed sense of purpose you will be able to do things like

  • Feel confident in yourself and attempt any challenge in life with ease
  • Know your life’s purpose so that you feel fulfilled and have a goal that you look forward to
  • Finally let go of broken relationships and form new more positive ones
  • Connect with your Angels and Spirit Guides and attain new Wisdom from higher conscious beings
  • Reconnect with your Spirituality and gain inner Wisdom from higher levels of consciousness

You will receive all this and more when you book into a Traditional Reiki Session Package.

All you have to do is to click on this link to book your Traditional Usui Reiki Session Package to experience it all.


Kristin is amazing! I suffer from chronic pain due to past injury, which tends to lead to debilitating migraines. Kristin identified my neck as a point of treatment she was lead to – without any past knowledge of my history. She treated the areas she was lead to; the alleviation was such a relief. Kristen is empathetic & sincere – she truly wants to help. Her being able to perform treatments remotely is extremely convenient and lets me be in my own home, relaxed and open to her treatment. Which allows me to rest and heal overnight, waking up refreshed and pain free the next day!

Maryanne - Sydney

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