What is Reiki?

What is Reiki?

Have you ever had the falling over as a child and grazing your knee?  You’re mother probably lovingly placed her hands on your knee and kissed it better.  This is hands on healing and everyone has the capacity to do this.  It utilises your own vital life force to do the healing, the living magnetic force that makes up all people. 

 How Reiki is different is that instead of using your own vital life force to do the healing, it draws upon universal life force, an infinite source of energy available at all times through the universe.  This spiritual energy has the ability to heal on an energetic level, shifting negative emotions and healing physical ailments.   

 Reiki means Universal Life Force.  Rei = Universal and Ki = Life Force.  Ki or Chi/Qi (also Prana) is not a new concept having origins in ancient India and China.  The Yogis use Prana in their practice.  And the Chinese and Japanese Martial Arts use Ki/Chi/Qi in their practices.  For instance Tai Chi, Qigong and Aikido.  Ki is the energy that every human being is made up of and is the spiritual energy that makes up the chakras.  Reiki is bigger than Ki and is the energy of the universe.

 We are all energetic beings made up of different frequencies.  For instance a table oscillates at a different frequency to air.  Reiki has a high frequency and when it is in the presence of a person, can lift their vibratory frequency that helps a person heal and balance the mind and body.  An analogy would be like an oscillating clock.  When two clocks are next to each other, their oscillations sync up with each other.  Another analogy is like a radio.  You can tune into a radio station to listen to a broadcast.  

What Can Reiki Heal?

Reiki can heal anything to do with the body, mind and spirit.  You’ll find that negative thoughts lead to negative emotions which then lead to sickness in the body.  Negative emotions have the effect of decreasing immunity in the body.  For instance have you ever had the experience of being stressed at work and as soon as someone gets sick, you fall sick too?

Negative thoughts can arise from a limiting belief that we picked up as a child.  Reiki has the ability to help clear limiting beliefs from the past, either this life or previously.  Once we clear the limiting beliefs then everything else falls into place.

Another way it can help is clearing negative emotions.  You’ve probably had the experience where you’ve broken up with your partner and feel very low.  If you don’t clear this experience the mind holds on to this and can cause issues and illness further down the track.

Finally, Reiki can help find spiritual balance by balancing the Chakras.  Using Reiki’s high vibration, it lifts the energy of Chakras that are out of balance, balancing the whole body.  With the Chakra system in balance, it is more likely to be able to help fight sickness.

You’ll find that Science has taken in interest in the power of Reiki and what it can heal.  Clinical studies have shown the benefit of Reiki for helping with reducing pain, depression and anxiety in patients (Dogan, M, Complementary Therapies in Clinical Practice, 2018).  Not only that but it has been shown to reduce stress and promote relaxation (Bukowski, E, Journal of Integrative Medicine, 2015).

Another way that Reiki can help is by improving wellbeing.  One studied investigated the wellbeing of patients in a hospital suffering from cancer and Reiki was shown to help them (Alcarcao, Z, Foneseca, J, European Journal of Integrative medicine, 2016).

Other studies show that it also has the potential of assisting people post-operatively and help with minor ailments such as muscle soreness and headaches.

In summary, Reiki s an effective method for helping balance your mind, body, emotions and Spirit and has been investigated by Science to show that this is the case. 


History of Reiki

Reiki was established in the late 1800s by Dr Mikao Usui in Japan.  After having difficulties with business and personal life, Usui went on a 21 day course at the Tendai Buddhist Monastery near Mt Kurama near Kyoto, Japan.  Legend has it that while Usui was meditating Reiki descended upon his Crown Chakra giving him the power to heal.

Blessed with Reiki and the ability to heal, Usui then went on to start healing other people.  In April 1922 he opened a centre in Aoyama Harajuku, Tokyo where healing was available to the public and where he taught Reiki.  Usui continued to heal and teach until he died in March 9th 1926. 

Usui passed on the teaching of Reiki to 20 students.  One of which was Chujiro Hayashi, a medical doctor.  Hayashi opened up his own clinic where he healed people.  He made detailed recordings of people’s ailments and the best way to heal them and founded the current system of learning Reiki today.  His student Hawayo Takata was responsible for bringing Reiki to the West.  She first set up her clinic in Hawaii and then brought it to the mainland of America.  Now Reiki has spread to all places of the Globe. 

What Are the Levels of Reiki?

The energy of Reiki by itself is a very powerful.  However what distinguishes practitioners of Reiki from other healing modalities is the use of symbols.  These symbols amplify and focus the healing power of Reiki based on the specific need.  For instance there a various symbols that help focus the energy on the emotions or through time and space. 

A practitioner receives these symbols during an initiation ceremony known as an attunement, where they are attuned to the symbol.  There are three levels of Reiki practitioner based on what symbols they are attuned to.  The first level practitioner (Reiki I) can heal themselves.  The second level (Reiki II) can heal other people.  Master/Teachers are qualified to teach and attune other people. 

I teach Reiki I & II from time to time.  Go to the contact page for more details or to find out when the next workshop is.

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