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What is the difference between distance Reiki and Reiki in person?

 You’re probably wondering if there is a difference between in person Reiki and Reiki at a distance, after all one is hands on healing and the other is not even in the same room.  The special thing about Reiki is that Reiki energy is in all places, at all times and is infinite.  This means that the same Reiki energy that is surrounding me right now in Canberra Australia, is the same Reiki energy that is surrounding you wherever you are.   

Distance Reiki works by directing Reiki at a distance to the person requiring healing.  How do we know this even works?  At an in person healing, many times the practitioner doesn’t even lay their hands on you, but will place them above you and the Reiki energy is directed from the hands and into you.  Not only that but when sitting across the room from you the practitioner can send healing.  Indeed, this healing can extend to the other end of the globe. 

When would this be useful?  It would be useful when you can’t make it in person.  For instance when you are sick or too busy to make a session.  Also when you are in hospital or a nursing home and can’t make it to a session. 

Distance Reiki doesn’t only just work on humans it works on animals as well.  Being so sensitive to energy, animals prefer to be healed at a distance, often sitting in the same room.  If the pet likes the energy then you’ll see them come and take a closer look and maybe sit on your lap.  But the healing energy can be extended from the other part of the city or other part of the globe and it will still be effective.  

In summary there is NO difference between an in person Reiki session and a distance Reiki session.  So you can see how powerful Reiki can be at a distance. 

Wouldn’t you like to experience Reiki for yourself?  You can either book into a session for yourself or you can book in for your pet.  Click here to go to the booking page to book into a distance healing session.


 What happens during a session?

Have you ever been laying down, so relaxed that you fall asleep?  This is what a Reiki session feels like.  Firstly, you will lie down on a massage table fully clothed. Next the practitioner will say a prayer to Reiki and then start the session. 

The practitioner will lay their hands on various parts of your body with your permission.  Reiki energy is then directed from the environment through the practitioner and into you, through your energetic layers and energising your Chakras. 

Then you will feel the sensation of hot, cold or tingly feeling.  You may experience visions of past lives or you might become emotional.  Or you may feel nothing at all.  All experiences are acceptable and each person may experience it in a different way.  Many people will fall asleep, and this may happen to you too. 

The emotions that you feel may come from a limiting belief that you are releasing or a past hurt that is finally being healed.  Whatever the cause you should not push it back down but let it overwhelm you and experience it so that you can finally be healed. 

The Reiki session ends and you will feel revitalised. 



What happens during a distance session?

Like an in person healing session, a person experiencing distance healing will feel so relaxed that they may also want to fall asleep.  Firstly, we will connect via Zoom conferencing where I will talk to you and explain what happens in a session.  Then you will find a comfortable quiet place to either lie down or sit comfortably, but so that you can still here my voice over Zoom. 

The session then starts and the practitioner will then direct healing Reiki energy to you over time and space.  You might feel a number of sensations including hot or cold, tingly.  You might see visions of past lives or feel very emotional.  Or you might feel nothing at all.  All experiences are acceptable and everyone experiences Reiki differently.     

Once the session is finished, I will speak to you again to let you know our time is over.  If you have fallen asleep I will end the session.


What happens during a crystal Reiki session?

Crystal Reiki utilises the earthly healing power of crystals and the power of Reiki to create a powerful resonance that can be used to balance the body.  It promotes deep relaxation in you.  Carefully selected crystals based on their resonance are placed on or around your body in the position of the Chakras.  These crystals have been pre-programmed with Reiki to do specific healing. 

When the session starts, Reiki is directed to the various parts of the body.  When the hands are placed above the crystal, Reiki energy is then passed through the hands through the crystal and onto the Chakra, balancing it.

Reiki is also enhanced by placing an energy grid make up of a number of programmed crystals underneath the massage table where the client is lying.

During the session you may experience hot or cold or a tingling sensation.  You might see visions of past lives or you might become emotional.  Or you might experience nothing at all.  All are valid and everyone experiences Reiki differently. You might be so relaxed that you fall asleep.     

The session will end and you will feel revitalised. 


 How do I choose a practitioner?

It all comes down to who you resonate with.  By nature, we attract people and circumstances to our lives and the fact that you are reading this means that you have attracted this page to you.  I am a very down to earth and pragmatic person who looks for solutions and not problems.  I am honest and caring and want to see you be your best.


I’m receiving Reiki, can I stop taking my medicine and seeing my Doctor?

Reiki works complimentary to modern medicine and it is highly recommended not to stop taking medicines that your Doctor has prescribed to you or to stop seeing them.  Healing needs to work at all levels, physical, emotional and spiritual and modern medicine has had decades of research into healing the physical body.  Reiki works at an energetic level and working together with modern medicine can see you to feel better from your aliment.


What is house clearing?

Typically done with sage/smudge sticks, Reiki is very effective at clearing negative energy from the house and bringing harmony to the house and inhabitants.

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