Karuna Ki Reiki

What is Karuna Ki Reiki?

Have you ever had the experience of your child falling over and hugging them better and your love radiating from you to the child?  This is healing touch is a form of hands on healing which anyone can use.  It utilises your own Vital Life Force, the energy that keeps us alive.  It has energy centres in the body at the place of the Chakras.  This energy has been known for centuries and can be found in the practices of yoga (Prana) and the Martial Arts (Ki/Chi/Qi)

Reiki on the other hand, is at a higher level than Vital Life Force, having a source in the Universe.  The term Reiki comes from two Japanese words ‘Rei’ and ‘Ki’, where ‘Rei’ means ‘Universal’ and ‘Ki’ meaning ‘Life Force’.  So the term Reiki means Universal Life Force’.  Reiki energy seeks to raise the vibration of people requesting healing and balancing the Chakras.  It heals at an energetic level, removing negative energy from the past either this lifetime or before.  As physical sickness arises from negative thoughts and emotions, clearing this can have an effect on the physical body.     

The love and compassion that emanates from the Universe is known as Karuna, a loving force that when combined with Reiki can produce profound healing.  Karuna is a Sanskrit word meaning ‘Compassion in Action’.  When attuned, you can experience Karuna from Ascended Masters and Angels and Archangels such as Jesus, Mother Mary, Kuan Yin and St. Germaine.  It can also come from your Spirit Guides or Spirit Guide Animals.     

History of Karuna Ki Reiki

Karuna had its foundations in the work of Kathleen Milner and Marcy Miller.  They received a number of symbols from Ascended Masters in 1991. William Rand received the symbols in 1993.  However there was a lot of confusion around these symbols at the time so Rand decided to experiment with the symbols.  He decided that there was merit in the symbols and developed a new system of Reiki, known as Karuna Reiki. 

It’s no secret that the symbols of Reiki a fundamental to Reiki and are what distinguishes it from other healing modalities.  Each of the symbols have a different meaning and use.  In traditional Usui Reiki there are symbols that enhance Reiki energy.  Also there are symbols to send healing at a distance.  Karuna Reiki have symbols to transmit Karuna energy amongst other things.

‘Karuna Ki Reiki’ is not to be confused with ‘Karuna Reiki’ trademarked by William Rund.  Karuna Ki Reiki splintered off from the trademarked Karuna Reiki and was founded by Vincent Amador and has its own set of symbols and practices but the very foundation of the two is loving and compassionate Karuna which nobody can trademark.   

Karuna Ki Reiki Healing Sessions

Like Reiki, Karuna Ki Reiki heals at an energetic level and can remove negative emotions and beliefs.  It heals far deeper than Traditional Usui Reiki and is perfect for healing emotions.  Healing compassion with Reiki are channelled through the practitioner and transmitted to your energetic body.  It stimulates your Chakras so that they come into balance and you can heal.  Plus you have a deep sense of love and compassion while you are being healed.   

In summary, the loving compassion of Karuna can heal emotions and the energetic body at a far deeper level than traditional Reiki and is wonderful if you want to experience a deep feeling of love and compassion.   

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