Heal Your Chakras.  Become Aligned with the True Calling of Your Inner Goddess

By combining Reiki healing and Transformation Coaching, experience Deep Healing at the level of your unconscious mind and break through any blocks that are keeping you away from your Inner Goddess so that you can live an abundant life, able to manifest anything that you desire.

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Kristin is amazing! I suffer from chronic pain due to past injury, which tends to lead to debilitating migraines. Kristin identified my neck as a point of treatment she was lead to – without any past knowledge of my history. She treated the areas she was lead to; the alleviation was such a relief. Kristen is empathetic & sincere – she truly wants to help. Her being able to perform treatments remotely is extremely convenient and lets me be in my own home, relaxed and open to her treatment. Which allows me to rest and heal overnight, waking up refreshed and pain free the next day!

Marianne - Sydney

Deep Healing is a powerful healing modality that combines Reiki healing and Transformation Coaching.

During a session, clients go into a deep meditative state.  Reiki energy is then concentrated through the Crown Chakra and flows through the rest of the body.

This state allows the unconscious mind to heal and transform and the Chakras to realign which leads to the mind and body being regenerated.

This modality is more powerful than stand-alone Reiki sessions as it releases negative limiting beliefs and emotions held deep within the unconscious mind.

Clients see an immediate shift in their thinking leading to a different reality that is more aligned with the calling of their Inner Goddess.

Heal Money Blocks. Easily Manifest Money

The only thing between you and one million dollars are your money blocks.  Deep Healing can release money blocks enabling you to manifest money.

Realign Chakras. Vibrate At a Higher Frequency

Deep healing can help heal and realign your Chakras so that you can start vibrating at a higher frequency.  When you vibrate at a higher frequency you are more easily able to manifest things that you desire in life.

Heal Past Lives. Move Forward Into the Future

Deep Healing allows you to go back into your timeline, back into your past lives and enables you to heal your limiting beliefs from the past.  This changes your timeline and allows you to move forward into the future.

Remove Limiting Beliefs. Experience Your Inner Goddess

The one thing that separates you from truly experiencing your Inner Goddess are your limiting beliefs.  Remove your limiting beliefs and be open to your intuition and feminine energy.

Heal Love Blocks. Find the Man of Your Dreams

Unable to find the right relationship?  Deep Healing can heal the blocks that are preventing you from finding the man of your dreams

Get Rid of Addiction. Start Living Life to the Fullest

Addiction comes in many forms: alcohol, smoking, food.  These can keep you trapped in your outer selves, separating you from your Inner Goddess.  Deep Healing helps you to break free of your addictions. 

What you will achieve through Deep Healing


  • Have inner knowledge of your journey in life. Know what to do with your life – Had a major life change like divorce or the kids moving out and didn’t know what to do with yourself?  Deep Healing can help you realise what your true calling is that is aligned with your Inner Goddess
  • Get unstuck. Vibrate at a higher level – Sometimes you get stuck in life and don’t know how to move forward. Deep Healing gets you unstuck so that you can realise your unlimited potential to achieve and do what you want to do in life.
  • Know how to get through any problem. Stop being overwhelmed in life – It’s very easy to feel overwhelmed.  Stressful job, problems at home, they can all lead to feeling overwhelmed.  Deep Healing releases anxiety and depression allowing you to get out of overwhelm.
  • Release blocks. Manifest anything you want in life – The only thing stopping you from earning one million dollars are your internal blocks. Release these blocks to manifest anything you want in life.

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