Heal yourself at the core.  Find a release to your deepest issues.


Deep healing is the perfect combination of Transformation coaching and Reiki.  It looks deeper than either of them by themselves.

It seeks to find and heal emotional problems at the source allowing for a full release and healing to occur.

Below are a list of sessions and packages that I offer for deep healing:



1:1 Services & Programs

1hr Deep Healing Session

One-hour Deep Healing session for releasing your most pressing issues. First session is free.


2hr Chakra Realign Healing Session

Be guided on a Chakra balancing hypnotherapy session alongside the healings of Reiki to realign the Chakras and help you to be more in balance with the body. Available after 7th July.


3hr Mini ‘Inner Goddess’ Healing Session

Breakthrough the limiting emotions of anger, sadness, fear and guilt so that you can start living a life as a whole person, increasing your ability to achieve success and manifest your desires.


3hr Mini Money Manifestation Healing Session

Release some of your money blocks so that you can start manifesting money.  Release beliefs such as: I’m poor, I can’t afford things, I can’t have wealth, I can’t save, love equals money.


8-week Money Manifestation Healing Program

Over 8 weeks release all your money blocks so that you can manifest money.  Release all your beliefs such as: I’m poor, I can’t afford things, I can’t have wealth, I can’t save, love equals money.


3 Month ‘Inner Goddess’ Healing Program

Realign with the callings of your Inner Goddess, with this 3-month healing program dealing with all your limiting beliefs and limiting emotions that are separating you from her.  Release beliefs such as:  I’m not good enough, I’m not beautiful, I can’t have a relationship.


6 Month ‘New You’ Healing Program

Become a new person, realise your unlimited potential with this 6-month program.  Vibrate at a higher level, the vibration of love, so that you can start attracting things and manifesting your desires.  Going to an even deeper level than the 3-Month Program, the ‘New You’ healing program uncovers and releases your underlying beliefs that you have deep down, hiding in your unconscious mind.


Group Programs

7-Week Chakra Realign Meditation Course

Be guided on powerful meditations that combine hypnotherapy and Reiki.  Realign the 7 Chakras over 7 weeks. Cost:  $125


8-Week Healing Meditation Course

Over 8 weeks be guided through powerful meditations that combine hypnotherapy and Reiki.  Each week will have a theme and the meditation will release any blocks that you have.  This will help you manifest the life that you desire.  Some of the themes of the mediation are relationships, wealth and abundance, and fear.  Cost: $150.


Inner Goddess 28-Day Group Program

Be empowered and realise your Inner Goddess through this 28-Day group program.  Uncover blocks that you have that are preventing you from achieving everything you want in life and heal them.  Program includes 2 x 1hr coaching sessions, 2 x hypnotherapy sessions, 4 x Reiki Healing Sessions.  Cost:  $350




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