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Crystal Reiki Healing Sessions

Are you stuck in negative limiting patterns in life and want to change?

Do you feel out of balance and unenergetic and want to feel revitalised?

Have you ever had the experience of taking your shoes off and walking on the earth and feeling re-energised?  Or lying on the grass at a park and feeling like your stress just washes away.  You have probably heard that the Earth is a living organism.  It is a living entity that supports life on Earth.  It’s no secret then that crystals have the power to heal.

What you probably don’t know is that crystals have a specific vibration depending on the structure of the crystal.  When combined with any healing energy, the crystals can amplify it promoting healing.  Crystal Reiki combines the energy of crystals with the energy of Reiki to produce an enhanced healing experience.

Indeed during a Crystal Reiki session, crystals are placed on your Chakra.  Reiki energy is then directed through the crystal and into your energy centres.  Healing is also enhanced by an energy grid that is set up under the healing table which directs Reiki in the room.

Crystal Reiki is perfect for you if:

  • You’ve suffered burn out
  • You’re continually stressed
  • You’ve had a bad relationship in the past which is still effecting you
  • You don’t know your direction in life
  • Life has disappointed you
  • You want to connect with your Angels or Spirit Guides
  • You feel disconnected with your Spiritua

Three Keys of Crystal Reiki

Enhanced Healing

Learn how Crystal Reiki can enhance the healing of traditional healing so that you heal faster

Clarity of Life’s Purpose

Learn how Crystals can help give you clarity of mind and your life’s purpose


Deep Stress Relief

Learn how Crystal Reiki can promote deep relaxation and stress relief so that you can navigate life’s problems with resilience.

How Can Crystal Reiki Help?


Reiki can you help by balancing your chakras so that you have more energy to do everything and achieve more each day.  See how it can also reduce your stress levels making you more calm and able to cope with life’s problems.

You’ll find that Reiki will also release negative emotions of the past.  Move on from bad relationships or limiting beliefs from your childhood.  Start living a fulfilled life, knowing your direction in life.

Reiki is perfect for you if:

  • You feel out of balance
  • You can see your life is out of control
  • You’re under stress
  • You’re constantly tired all the time or have lack of energy
  • You have negative emotions in your life which you need released

What can Crystal Reiki Heal?


Crystal Reiki in some respects is more powerful than traditional Reiki as it combines with the power of the Earth to produce enhanced healing.  You will find that Crystal Reiki can help with the following:

  • Negative Emotions – With enhanced healing from crystals experience a release of negative emotions.  As emotions and the body are linked, healing negative emotions can have an effect on the body healing it too.
  • Stress – Experience deep relaxation and a reduction of stress.  Feel like you are able to cope with life again and be re-energised.
  • Past Lives – Many of our negative beliefs and behaviours have an origin in the past.  Heal these past emotions to experience renewed life TODAY.
  • Limiting Beliefs – Limiting beliefs hold you back in life meaning that you may not have meaningful relationships or aren’t achieving your fullest potential.  Discard old beliefs so that you can forge new ones
  • Grow Spiritually – When the Chakras are in balance, it gives you the best opportunity to grow spiritually.  Feel connected to your Angels or Spirit Guides
  • Attraction – When negative emotions and limiting beliefs have been eliminated, then you can start attracting positive things to your life like relationships, money and opportunity.
  • Find Purpose in Life – Once your negative emotions have been eliminated find purpose in life so that you have direction and are fulfilled in life.

Crystal Reiki can affect you even if

  • It’s been a long time since the last time you weren’t stressed
  • You don’t know what you’re path is
  • You’ve never been able to relax
  • You’ve never been able to get control of your emotions

Crystal Reiki Session Packages


Find harmony in life and know your purpose in life with a 3 session Crystal Reiki Package.  You’ll find that everything in your life will fall into place when your limiting beliefs have been broken and your negative emotions have been removed.  Not only that but you will find that you will heal more efficiently with your Chakras in balance and your aura cleansed of everything negative.  Also you may connect with your Angels and Spirit Guides when Reiki opens up the gate between your Spiritual self and the Higher Dimensions.   

Over three sessions you will benefit from healing at all levels – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.   


  • Balance Chakras – Learn how Reiki can effectively balance your Chakras by focusing Reiki energy into them
  • Balance mental – Learn how Reiki can effectively balance your mental body.  Feel at ease and relaxed with less stress as you are more resilient towards life
  • Balance emotional – Learn how Reiki can dispel negative emotions leaving you full of life and unlimited potential. 

It’s never too late to find balance in your life.  With a renewed sense of purpose you will be able to do things like

  • Feel confident with everything you do in life whether that is at work or with family and friends
  • Know your life’s purpose and reach and attain your goals that you have in life
  • Finally let go of broken relationships and find new love and new relationships
  • Connect and have conversations with your Angels or Spirit Guides and gain new wisdom from them
  • Reconnect with your Spirituality especially if you have lost connection with your Spirit through life’s ups and downs.
  • Reconnect with your concept of God, find inspiration to live a fulfilled life, access new knowledge and connect with information past, present and future

You will receive all this and more when you book into a Crystal Reiki Session Package.  What you can find is that all the power that you ever dreamed or imagined is within yourself.  Reiki just unblocks all of the negativity and allows you to express unlimited potential.  All you have to do is to click on this link to book your Crystal Reiki Session Package to experience it all.



Kristin is amazing! I suffer from chronic pain due to past injury, which tends to lead to debilitating migraines. Kristin identified my neck as a point of treatment she was lead to – without any past knowledge of my history. She treated the areas she was lead to; the alleviation was such a relief. Kristen is empathetic & sincere – she truly wants to help. Her being able to perform treatments remotely is extremely convenient and lets me be in my own home, relaxed and open to her treatment. Which allows me to rest and heal overnight, waking up refreshed and pain free the next day!

Maryanne - Sydney

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Find out what chakras are out of balance and what this may mean. 

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