Animal Reiki

Reiki is an effective form of healing on animals in conjunction with veterinary care and animals love being in the presence of reiki.  It can assist animals that have gone through trauma or who have behavioural problems.

Sometimes animals hold onto the negative emotions of the owner.  This is not the fault of the owner but rather a choice that animals make to help the people they love.

Animals can benefit from reiki either in person or by distance.  In many instances, animals prefer to be treated at a distance as they are sensitive to energy or the animal may be timid

I hold a certificate in animal reiki and am an avid animal lover having two cats that I share my life with.

Q: What if my pet is transitioning?

If your cat is transitioning Reiki can support your pet as it crosses the rainbow bridge.  Reiki will work to the greater good of the animal and if it is time to go then no force can stop the process.  What Reiki will do is will help them to remain calm and to cross peacefully across the rainbow bridge.  

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