Pet Reiki

What is Pet Reiki?

What is Reiki?

You probably don’t know this but everyone has the potential to do hands on healing.  If you’ve ever had a sick child, no doubt you have laid your hands on them and they felt better.  This touch utilises your own healing ability that comes from your Vital Life Force, the energy that makes up your being.  Energy flows through your body with energy centres where your Chakras are.  This energy has been known since ancient times and is predominant in Yoga (Prana) and the martial arts (eg Tai Chi, QiGong and Aikido).   

On the other hand, Reiki goes beyond personal Vital Life Force having a source in the Universe itself.  The word derives from the two Japanese words, ‘Rei’ and ‘Ki’ where ‘Rei’ means ‘Universal’, and ‘Rei’ meaning ‘life force’.  So Reiki means Universal Life Force.  Its energy is ever present and exists everywhere and in the past, present and future.  Therefore it is possible to heal someone in person or heal them at a distance at any point in time.   

Why do Pets need Reiki?

Like humans, pets can have some negative emotions.  This could arise from any kind of trauma in its past.  For instance if it had been abused or spent some time in the rescue centre.  The animals hold on to this energy and can manifest itself in ‘bad’ behaviour like barking or tearing things up. 

Another reason why animals might hold on to negative emotions is that they store the energy from their owner.  For instance if you or your partner are constantly fighting or you are having a bad time at work and have a lot of anger and frustration, this can be transmitted to your animals.  That’s why it’s wonderful for your pet to experience Reiki.  It can help with ‘bad’ behaviour and can release the unwanted negative emotions that they are storing.    

Pet Reiki and Reiki at a Distance

Similar to humans, animals have a Chakra system in similar locations to that of humans.  In the same way, Reiki can be used to balance the Chakras and releasing negative energy and negative memories. 

Pets love Reiki and whilst not always wanting to be touched, they bathe in the healing energy that the Reiki Practitioner emits.  Sometimes the pet will come up close and want a cuddle and then hands on healing can be administered.  Otherwise, the pet is happy to receive Reiki at a distance which helps if the pet is skittish or is shy.  

In summary, like Reiki for humans, Reiki for pets is an effective way of clearing their negative emotions and memories. 

Pet Reiki FAQs

Q:  Should I Continue Taking my Pet to the Vet?

You should absolutely keep taking your pet to the vet.  Reiki works as a complimentary therapy to the vet and your pet should continue seeing them and taking their medicine.  Modern veterinarian medicine is advanced and helps your pet’s physical body to heal.  Reiki works in conjunction with this at an energetic level which will ultimately flow on to helping your pet heal physically. 

Q:  What Happens If My Pet Doesn’t Like to Be Touched?

Your pet doesn’t need to be touched for Reiki to take effect.  Rather, Reiki at a distance is more than effective at helping your pet heal.  Not only that but your pet could be sleeping or resting anywhere in your house.  Or Reiki could be sent to your pet from another part of the city or country via Zoom.    

Q:  My Cat is Very Skittish, How Will You Do Reiki On Her?

If your cat is very skittish, then Reiki can be sent to her from a distance.  Your cat could be sleeping on the couch or hiding under the bed and Reiki can still be sent to her.  Benefit from a house call or a call over the phone or via Zoom. 

Q:  My Farm Animal is in the Paddock, Do You Need to Get Close to Them?

It is not necessary to be next to your farm animal if they need to receive Reiki.  They can stay in the paddock or field.  Reiki can be sent to them on site or benefit from a call over the phone or via Zoom.

Q:  What Happens if My Pet is Transitioning?

If your pet is transitioning there is nothing that can stop them passing.  Rather, Reiki can help your transitioning pet to feel comfortable, calm and at ease.  Reiki will help their crossing the Rainbow Bridge painlessly and without worry. 

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