Australia on Fire


As we turn into a new decade, Australia is on fire.  The entire East Coast of Australia from the states Queensland to New South Wales and Victoria are burning from bushfires.  And there are bushfires burning in every other state of Australia.  Over 11 million hectares of bushland have been burnt. 

The effect of the Australian bushfires on Australia has been devastating.  Lives and hundreds of houses have been lost.  Also, we have lost a third of the population of 1000 koalas in New South Wales.  Not only that but 480 million animals have died.  So what can I do?


Spiritual Activism


As a Reiki Master, I can’t sit back and do nothing.  While I can’t don a firefighter’s helmet and put out fires, I have tools to assist the burnt and recovering koalas in the wildlife hospitals, the exhausted fire fighters, and the terrified people on the beach waiting for the bushfires to pass.  I can even assist in helping it rain.  I can assist in making these changes.       

Because of this, I like to refer to myself as a Spiritual Activist. What is an activist?  An activist is someone who is actively involved in making change in the world.  As a Spiritual Activist, I use spiritual tools to help humanity during crises, to bring political change and to help the environment.  There’s even stories of Spiritual Activists in movies. 


Karmic Responsibility


In the Marvel movie Dr Strange, Strange who is a neurosurgeon loses the ability to use his hands.  In a quest to restore them, he goes to India where he ends up learning mystical arts.  In the movie, bad guys want to bring an end to the world as we know it.  Strange uses his mystical powers to fight the bad guys to stop them from destroying the world. 

While I know Krav Maga and I’m a black belt in Karate, I’m not in punch outs with bad guys like Dr Strange.  However, I can use the spiritual tools at my disposal to help fight ‘bad guys’ by diffusing and neutralising wars and politically tense situations and acting against terrorism.  You can help too.  You should be a Spiritual Activists to help humanity.  Why?  Because it is your karmic responsibility as a member of the human race.  How can you help? 


Using Tools of Spirituality


There are many ways that you can help humanity and bring about change.  As a spiritual person you can use tools to help people in need and to serve humanity.  It is possible to help a population of people that are in crises either from natural disaster, war or illness.  Also, politicians can be influenced to bring about policy change for the rights of people and climate change.  Not only that but humanity can be helped from its collective consciousness by neutralising negativity.   What are some tools that you can use?


Helping Humanity Through Mediation and Prayer



Two tools that you can use to help make changes to the world is through meditation and prayer.  Meditation is a powerful way of helping humanity.  As a tool, this uses creative visualisation and a connection to Spirit to bring about changes in the world.  By connecting to Spirit you can act as an agent of the Universe by allowing it’s energy to flow through you to radiate peace and love to human kind.  Direct this energy to anyone that you need to influence or heal. 

By seeking to radiate peace and love to the world you can lift the level of consciousness of humanity.  This is can be achieved by negating the negative energy coming from humanity’s consciousness.  This can aid in preventing wars and diffusing politically tense situations.  And by seeking to influence politicians by radiating to them love and spiritual energy, they can make positive changes to policy.  Through meditation you can also assist Mother Earth in repairing itself from the harm that humans are causing it.  Prayer is another effective method of bringing about change.         



Never underestimate the power of prayer.  You don’t even have to be religeious to pray.  Prayer seeks to communicate with God to bring about change.  When asking for God’s help wholeheartedly and in earnest, help will always be sent.  However, the help that is sent may not be what you are expecting. 

There was a story that I heard many years ago when I went with my Mother to Church one day after she asked me to go with her (I’m not a Christian).  In the story a man is trapped on his roof with rising flood waters beneath him. 

He prays to God, ‘Dear God please save me’.  After a short period of time a man with a canoe comes by and says he’s here to help.  The man on the roof says, ‘No thanks, God will save me!’.  Next, the police come by with a boat offering to help.  The man on the roof says, ‘No thanks, God will save me!’  With the waters just touching the roof, a helicopter comes by to offer help.  Again, the man says, ‘No thanks, God will save me!’.  The waters rise and the man drowns. 

In heaven he approaches God and says to him, ‘God, why didn’t you save me?’.  God says to him, ‘But I sent you a canoe, a boat and a helicopter!  What more did you want?’.    

God works in mysterious ways and when we ask for help, help will always be sent.  Through prayer massive changes can be made. 



You have the tools at your disposal to help humanity.  Two of the tools that you can use are meditation and prayer.  It is your karmic responsibility to help humanity.  The more of us that become spiritual activists and are involved in helping humanity, the more change we’ll bring about so that we can live in a world of peace and harmony. 

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