My life before Reiki

I was crying in the toilets again..
I had to run to the bathroom so that my colleagues at work wouldn’t see me..
The girl in the next cubicle asked if I was ok.  I said I was ,but I wasn’t…
I was stressed and didn’t see a way out…
This was me before I discovered Reiki.  Reiki got rid of the limiting beliefs that were holding me back and I was finally happy…

Tell me more about Reiki..

Reiki is a healing modality that reduces stress and relaxes and balances the body

Who is Reiki good for?

Any one who feels out of balance, stressed or unwell can benefit from Reiki

Isn’t Reiki just a little bit esoteric? 

Not at all!  There is much scientific evidence to suggest that Reiki works in conjunction with medical treatment to help alleviate pain, anxiety and depression, reduce stress and promote relaxation.

Why choose me? 

I am one of Sydney’s most experienced Reiki Masters having been attuned since 1997.  I bring a wealth of knowledge to the session.  I also have a certificate in Animal Reiki and crystal Reiki.  I see solutions not problems.   
We attract people and situations to our lives at the right time when we need it the most.  If you are reading this, you have attracted this page to you for something that you need

Still not convinced?  See the testimonials below:

Kristin is amazing! I suffer from chronic pain due to past injury, which tends to lead to debilitating migraines. Kristin identified my neck as a point of treatment she was lead to – without any past knowledge of my history. She treated the areas she was lead to; the alleviation was such a relief. Kristen is empathetic & sincere – she truly wants to help. Her being able to perform treatments remotely is extremely convenient and lets me be in my own home, relaxed and open to her treatment. Which allows me to rest and heal overnight, waking up refreshed and pain free the next day!

Maryanne - Sydney

Before having a session of reiki id heard of it & had a vague idea of what it was. Im open minded so was willing to try it out. During the session i felt very relaxed. Unusually, for most of it my head felt very warm & quite tight & even after Kristin had finished focusing on certain healing spots, i could still feel the palm pressure! Once the session was over i felt very calm & my head was quite clear. I slept well which i usually do but the next morning i felt more alert than normal!

Kim - Sydney

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