Heal Emotionally

Learn how to let go of negative emotions so that you can move on in life from messy breakups and divorces

Grow Spiritually

Learn how to grow spiritually when your Chakras are in Balance.  Connect with your Angels or Sprit Guides

Remove Negative Emotions

Learn how to remove negative emotions through Reiki.  Establish new postive ones so that you can attract anything in life.

Kristin Hatherley Canberra Reiki Master

Are you stuck in negative limiting patterns in life and want to change?

Do you feel out of balance and unenergetic and want to feel revitalised?

If you’re like most people you probably have a hectic life.  You’re juggling work, a busy household and running around after the kids.  But have you ever felt like you’ve continuously run out of energy, emotionally drained or are out of balance?  Or you’ve seen that you’re disappointed in life and don’t know where you’re going or your life’s purpose?  How can Reiki help?

Levels of Healing

There are multiple levels of healing

Emotional Healing

Learn how Reiki can heal your past negative emotions and give you new, positive ones.  Get a renewed lease on life and discover new meaning in your life.

Heal Past Lives

Learn how to heal past lives so that you can move forward and aren’t stuck in recurring negative patterns

Reduce Stress

Learn how to reduce your stress levels making you calm and able to face life’s challenges.


Learn how to feel revitalised so that you can accomplish more in life


Balance Chakras

Learn how to find balance in your life, feel recharged and see a change in your life when your chakras are in balance.


Find Purpose in Life

Learn how to use Reiki to remove negative blocks that may have made you stuck in life and find renewed purpose in life

How Can Reiki Help


Reiki can you help by balancing your chakras so that you have more energy to do everything and achieve more each day.  See how it can also reduce your stress levels making you more calm and able to cope with life’s problems.

You’ll find that Reiki will also release negative emotions of the past.  Move on from bad relationships or limiting beliefs from your childhood.  Start living a fulfilled life, knowing your direction in life.

Reiki is perfect for you if:

  • You feel out of balance
  • You can see your life is out of control
  • You’re under stress
  • You’re constantly tired all the time or have lack of energy
  • You have negative emotions in your life which you need released

What is Reiki?

Of course Reiki can bring balance to your life by balancing the chakras.  The practitioner does this by channelling Reiki energy from the environment.  Hands are placed in various places around the body and Reiki energy is focused on these areas.

This form of energy healing was rediscovered in Japan in the late 1800’s and means ‘Universal Life Force’ in Japanese.  You’ll find that Reiki isn’t new but is in fact an ancient healing energy having origins in ancient India and China.  Indeed these cultures have used this energy for centuries and you’ll find them in practices such as yoga (the energy is called Prana) and the Chinese Martial Arts (the energy is called Chi in Tai Chi and Qigong).

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Canberra Reiki Services

There are a number of Canberra Reiki Services that you can book into

  • Traditional Usui Reiki
  • Karuna Ki Reiki
  • Pet Reiki
  • Crystal Reiki


Your Canberra Reiki Healer


My name is Kristin Hatherley Reiki Master and Teacher based in Canberra.  I have been a Reiki Master since 1997.  With over 20 years’ experience you can know that you are receiving healing from the best Reiki Healer in Canberra.

I am a psychic medium and have a long history in spirituality.  Having a Grandfather who was a medicine man and shaman, spirituality and psychic powers runs in the family.

Also joining a metaphysical organisation 23 years ago and honing my psychic powers over this time you will benefit from an authentic, powerful healer.  Not only that but I use intuition to tell me where healing is required and I can pick up where your negative emotions are coming from even though you may have forgotten about them.

Since I have a background in Quantum Physics and Mathematics (the language of the universe) you’ll find that I understand energy at a fundamental level.  Every one of us are made up of energy which vibrates at a certain frequency.  Having an understanding of this energy enables me to heal you more effectively and you’ll know that Reiki has some scientific basis.

In short, when you work with a healer like me you will know that you are under the hands of an experienced healer who knows what they are doing.



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