Hi I’m Kristin Hatherley a Reiki Master Living in Canberra

I am a Reiki Master from Canberra servicing Canberra and all of Australia and my aim is to bring health and wellness to everyone who seeks it

An Experienced Reiki Master/Teacher since 1997


I am a Reiki Master from Canberra and I am one of Australia’s most experienced healers having my Attunements in 1997.  I service Canberra with in person treatments and all of Australia through the power of distance healing via zoom.  It is a safe and effective method to reduce stress and relax the body and can be used on both people and animals.  As a practitioner since 1997 I am experienced to bring wellness and happiness to your life.  My aim is to use Reiki to assist your body in healing itself promoting wellness and a feeling of contentment and happiness.

I have a range of services available including both in person Reiki for people living in Canberra and distance sessions using zoom teleconferencing.  Clients can request Crystal Reiki and I also do sessions for pets. The healing can take place at a physical, mental and emotional level addressing problems at the root of the cause.

My clinic in Canberra is in Kingston but I can take anyone in Australia using Zoom teleconferencing (a free app).  There is no difference to the quality of a healing session between in person and distance.  Click below to book yourself into a healing session

Reiki Service

Feel the healing power of Reiki with an in person Reiki session in Canberra or distance via Zoom.  There is NO difference in the quality between an in person Reiki session and distance.

Crystal Reiki Session

A ramped up Reiki session with the healing power of crystals.  Available to Canberra residents only.

 Pet Reiki Service

Let you pet experience a Reiki session with an experienced pet Reiki practitioner.  Reiki is via distance or a house call can be made to your home in Canberra.